What’s this? A pile of Presents? But why? It isn’t Christmas for another 6 months…..

Christmas is coming early for one special member…

Hidden within this MASSIVE pile of presents, is one, very special box containing a very special gift, with a whole lotta sparkle! Can you guess what it is?

It’s Pan, or more specifically, an unreleased Peter Pan Disney Infinity figure! They’re not available to purchase (unless you are willing to drop a ton on Ebay), which makes this competition even more exciting! He’s hiding in one very special present, just waiting to be found by one of you lucky people!

There are also other clues and quests throughout the competition – see this page for more information!

How do I play?

Simple! Click the present below, to unwrap and see which gift is inside. Some are full of junk, others are a little more exciting. Each gift has it’s own instructions, so follow them.

If you are lucky enough to find Pan, then you will see a BIG “Claim Me” button – hit this as fast as you can, as you HAVE to be the FIRST person to press this button in order to win him. Don’t let anyone else beat you to it!

There are a LOAD of presents to open, so don’t lose faith if you don’t find him straight away. Patience is a virtue, and Pan is a sneaky, magical little boy! You WILL find lots of items that are junk, so just keep trying. Pan is in there, you just need to find him before someone else does!

Please note, you may see some unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the present page(s). As you are only on these pages for a few seconds at a time, they should not cause any issues. We use them to keep track of visitor numbers, in addition to the minute additional revenue they provide, which is minuscule. Every little helps!

What can I win?

The main prize is an unreleased Peter Pan figure for Disney Infinity. This is packaged and unopened, and is a pre-release figure, which has not been released or sold to the general public. We have marked the bottom of the box with a permanent mark to ensure and limit the future sale of the figure – we really want this prize to go to someone that will enjoy him, not sell him on for profit.

There are other items throughout the pile, so keep tearing them open to find them!

Make sure to read the rules at the bottom of this page, and then press the present to open it up and see if you can find Pan!


  • One Peter Pan figure is up for grabs (The Star Prize).
  • Multiple “other” prizes are available, hidden within the presents.
  • You must be a member of the Mainsite (letsplayagame.co.uk) in order to participate.
  • Each present opened is removed from the database, so opening more presents will deplete the overall amount, meaning Pan is increasingly easier to find. Keep this in mind!
  • Duplicate accounts will be banned.
  • The use of scripts or any other bot like tools will result in all associated accounts being banned.
  • This is an ongoing competition and will end as soon as Pan has been located. Due to the nature of the competition, this could be *any* length of time, though it does statistically get easier to find him as the competition progresses.


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