Recently, the cancellation of the D.I game was announced, bringing an end to the successful Toys to Life game, many people enjoyed.

As the dust settled after the shock announcement, fresh news broke on the shutdown of the official server, meaning all online functionality will cease to exist & work as of a timeframe set out by the D.I team. The final stage, March 3rd, will see the official server go offline, forever.

This is where Infinite Infinity comes in. Welcome, to a Private D.I 3.0 server. It’s time to play.

Project Status

Player Login 100%
Toy Box Cloud Saves 100%
Toy Box - Share with Friends 100%
Custom Toy Box Toys 100%
Multiplayer Functionality 80%
Unreleased Characters 100%
Stress Testing 75%
Custom TAGS 100%

Infinite Infinity is a Private, Custom D.I server, specifically designed & created to enable players to continue with all online aspects of the game, after the official server is shutdown.

Yes, absolutely!

We have worked hard to ensure that the Infinite Infinity server lives up to it’s name – and provides infinite possibilities. Every current feature is working, including:

  • Toy Box Cloud Saves – More info below
  • Sharing Toy Boxes with friends – More info to come
  • Multiplayer functionality – More info to come

In addition to the original content, we have added in some extra bits and pieces, which we are excited to share with you. Keep reading to find out more!

Good question. Excitingly, we are proud to confirm we work on most devices! However, naturally, as all devices and consoles have their individual hardware requirements etc, the way in which you connect to Infinite Infinity will differ depending on the device you are using.

Infinite Infinity can be accessed on:

  • PS4
  • PS3
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Wii U
  • Apple TV – More info to come
  • Steam – More info to come

If the device you use is not listed above, then do not worry, it just means at this present time we have not reached a sufficiently stable point we feel that we can enable the use. That said, we are constantly working on furthering the project, so keep your eyes peeled if you use any of the following devices:

  • iOS, including iPad, iPod touch or iPhone
  • Android, including all manufacturers of phones & tablets that run the OS

Full compatibility can be found by clicking here.

We have decided to set the project as “Members Only” for several important reasons:

  • To ensure that no unscrupulous people can cause disruption from the inside.
  • To provide an active Community with no trolls, abuse, or other negative behaviour.
  • To lock out those within the current D.I realm that think they are the spokespeople for everyone, that are attempting to take control or shut the project down.

Good luck, external forces. You’ve got no chance!

Membership to the Infinite Infinity project will be strictly enforced.

  • In order to access the Project page, you must be a member of the Forum, and be approved by the Community team. Scroll down to register.
  • In order to access the Private Server, you must be given an access token. More information on this can be found within the Project section of the Forum, accessible to approved Members only.


We are currently ensuring that every aspect of the server is fully functioning. This is super important, so that we can have a successful launch, and a nice and easy rollout.

We have not yet announced the schedule, so keep an eye out on the Forum for all the latest news and updates. This main site will not have any updates on the project, as it is now all held within the Forum.

A group of hard working Team members!

As the Infinite Infinity project is relatively new and exciting, there are plenty of questions & information that our viewers are sure to be asking – you’ve already presented lots of these via the subReddit, but if you have any more, please head over to the Forum.

Of course, if you have any sensitive queries, head on over to our Contact page to send us an email.

Full information can be found by visiting this page over on the Forum.

Over the past several months since we began the project, lots of you over on the Subreddit page have asked how you can support the cause, in many different ways.

As we are getting ever closer to the launch of the server, & with the creation of this site, we’ve enabled the Donation button – should anyone wish to make a donation. However, and this is a very clear point, we are not asking anyone to pay, or make any form of donation they did not offer to make. We are merely providing a method for the people that asked and offered over the past several months.

There is also a multitude of things you can do to help – from following the project, providing your own insights, and making the community grow. Join Us for the ride!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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