Sparks, Sparks, Sparks!

Within the Let’s Play a Game website, we have a site-wide currency called Sparks. These Sparks can be earned, found, won, and obtained in a wide range of methods, and can be used for multiple things.

So, what are you waiting for? Get collecting!

The Member with the current highest Sparks balance is
T. Well done!

Sparks are the virtual currency used across the Let’s Play a Game website.

Sparks can be earned, found, won & obtained in a huge variety of methods, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Participating in Events
  • Keeping your Profile updated regularly
  • Winning a Competition
  • For being an active member

Yes, of course! Click HERE to view the Leaderboard!

Sparks can be used in a wide number of ways – They can be saved, used to enter Competitions, Lotteries, Scratch Cards, or even in the Market! They can also be converted into different types of Sparks – but this feature is not yet live.

Sparks Codes are codes that are distributed by the Community Team, that award an amount of Sparks when redeemed. Each code is different, and has different attributes – so make sure to check them out whenever you come across one. They could have any of the following:

  • Time Limits (to be redeemed)
  • Single use (only used once per person)
  • Single use (only one person can redeem)

If you have any questions, queries or comments, head over to the Support section to read the FAQ’s, or submit a Ticket.

Daily Login: 5 Sparks
Viewing News Articles: 5 Sparks
Viewing Forums: 2 Sparks
Viewing Topics: 2 Sparks
Viewing Replies: 2 Sparks
Viewing Events: 5 Sparks
Viewing Badges: 2 Sparks

Approved Comments (on an Article): 5 Sparks
Spam Comment: -5 Sparks
Removed Comment: -5 Sparks

New Forum Topic: 10 Sparks
Removed Forum Topic: -10 Sparks
Adding Topic to Favourites: 2 Sparks
Removing Topic Reply: -2 Sparks

New Profile Activity: 3 Sparks
Removed Profile Activity: -3 Sparks
New Profile Image: 5 Sparks
New Profile Cover Image: 5 Sparks
New Friendships: 3 Sparks
Ending Friendships: -3 Sparks
Favourite Activity: 2 Sparks
Removing Favourite Activity: -2 Sparks

Earning a Badge: 100 Sparks
Removal of Badge: -100 Sparks

Refer a visitor: 1 Spark (per visitor)
Refer a new member: 10 Sparks


PLEASE NOTE: there are various limits to the above Sparks, and you can only perform each action a limited number of times in any given timeframe. This is to prevent abuse.


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