Let’s Play a Game is a small, independent website, where a small team of people post their projects – both private and public. We do not have any external income from the projects, so everything is funded in-house.

Some of the projects on the site are resource hungry, intense on time and effort, and take a lot of work to build and deliver. They don’t just appear overnight – many, many man hours have gone into every one of our projects, and we are immensely proud of how much we have achieved, in little time!

Many people have asked us over the past months, since Infinite Infinity was announced, how they can get involved and Support us. It’s been asked many, many times, and we are pleased to finally put together a Support page, for all you wonderful people!

Real World Costs

  • Server Costs
  • Server Maintenance
  • Miscellaneous

There are a HUGE amount of ways you can get involved and Support us! You can choose to support all our Projects, or individual ones, it’s completely down to you. Here are just some of the ways you can help us out:

  • Spread the word – Getting more people involved helps the projects to grow!
  • Join Us – Join in the Projects and gain access to exclusive information and content!
  • Make a Donation – We accept donations via PayPal, as is explained below. For clarity, nobody is ever obliged to make a donation, but many of you have asked in the recent months, so the option is there, but ONLY if you wish to do so.
  • Offer your expertise – If you are good with certain tools, software, games, etc etc, specific to a Project, get involved – you may be able to help us!

There are many ways you can help us out!

We accept donations via PayPal as this ensures security on both sides. Simply click the button below (or in your Sidebar —>) and you’ll be taken to the official PayPal website. Simply fill in the form, and the rest is down to you!

Of course! Getting more people involved is always fun and exciting – the more people on board, the more we can collectively do as a Team! More hands make light work!

Infinite Infinity

All donations made specifically to the Infinite Infinity project will be invested directly into the project, in the following (but not limited to) ways:

  • Maintaining the server – Server Maintenance isn’t cheap, and having a Sysadmin on hand for when things go wrong is always a good idea.
  • Game Server Costs – The server on which the gaming server runs needs to be powerful enough to withstand multiple users accessing it at the same time. Bandwidth also has to be allocated, neither of which are particularly cheap.
  • Website server – Keeping the Project pages online so that an essential part of the new community is always live, is important! A less powerful server than the gaming server, but still needs enough resources to run without lag and issues.
  • Any extra expenses, such as increased resources, unscheduled maintenance etc.

Of course! We will give each donator a special Badge on their profile, as well as on this page (in a section below). Everyone will be able to see who has contributed to the project.

The Infinite Infinity project is an immensely challenging and technical project, with many different areas that we are working in. As such, and with the current state of the project (near completion), we are not currently looking for any direct support in terms of hands-on assistance.

You can, of course, keep involved in the project by joining in – head on over to the Infinite Infinity page for more information.

All donators to the Infinite Infinity project will receive the following:

  • Access to a Private Forum, where exclusive content will be shared in the near future.
  • A special Badge, displayed on your Profile & on the main site, indicating that you have supported the project.
  • Exclusive competitions.
  • Other special features (which you are welcome to find, both now and in the near future 😉 )

Current Supporters of the Infinite Infinity project

A massive THANK YOU to the following people, for making a donation:


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